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  1. PrincessRedHead says...


    I have finally checked out the website!! its done very well and I am excited to see What is gonna happen and how much this ministry will grow.

    Now being in Bend, my worship pastor, Ben Miller announced about you coming and doing a worship conference here in January sometime! I am excited!!!!

    May You have a Blessed day!!


  2. raymer says...

    Hi Tim,
    Greetings from the other side of the Pacific. Glad you hear you are working on coming to Japan soon. Keep us informed of your itinerary sensei!

    By the way, Michael’s web development skills have grown tremendously from a few years back. Please tell him I said “great website!”

    Ray & Tomi
    Her Blog

  3. liz dugger says...

    Hey Tim —

    just wanted to pass on some affirmation….i recently gave your “Without Hesitation” CD to my oldest brother, Ron, who is at around day 29 of sobriety (which is a massive miracle which time & space couldn’t contain right now). anyhow, there were a couple of other CD’s i thought he might enjoy as well. anyhow, when i talked to him today he was saying, ‘that cd you gave me from that guy out in Aloha — now that’s my kind of cd.’ i responded, ‘oh, Tim Smith?’ i’ll have to let him know! he was like, ‘you know him?!’ and i cleared my throat and sat up a little straighter on the other end of the cell phone and replied, ‘well, yes, i do!’ He said, ‘well you tell him we’re kindred spirits. now THAT’S music’.

    so, there you have it. i was really pleased to hear his response and know that it has ministered to him. he’s a prolific songwriter himself and was saying, ‘maybe if i write a really GOOD song, he’d sing it sometime. i’d really like to meet him. i really like his singing.’ well, i said, you never know!

    anyhow, hope all is well. by the way, if you have a chance to see a copy of Worship Leader’s quarterly magazine, ‘the Worshipper’, this next issue in April has a cd entitled, ‘ACCESS’, which is bound into the center of the actual layout….anyhow, it’s a compilation. watch for Rolling Hills Community Church — my song, “All That I Am” is one of the cuts and will be featuring “ELEVATE”, a Rolling Hills Project we did a couple of years ago. just an FYI :-)

    Keep up the great work! hope to see you and Maryl sooner than later!!

    In Christ,

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